Herina bandage double-sided

Ven   5001

Indications for use:

The bandage is used for inguinal and femoral hernia in order to prevent the development of hernia complications, and also in the postoperative period for the prevention of recurrent hernia. Also, the bandages are used to prevent a further increase in the size of the hernia at physical loads associated with weight lifting. The bandage is equipped with two removable pelotes (inserts): the left one and the right one, which can be rearranged depending on the localization of the hernia. Bandage is made in the form of an elastic belt and has an additional strap that allows to adjust the degree of pressure of the pelota (insert) on the hernia. It is recommended to get on bandage when lying on the back, and onto reduced hernia only.

Pelot 02_ - ergonomic shape


  • Provides local compression on hernia area
  • Removable pelots (inserts) of a unique anatomical form reliably keep the hernia from falling out.
  • Allows you to adjust the degree of compression with the help of elastic straps.
  • Breathable lightweight bandage material provides maximum comfort when used

Dressing scheme

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