Child reclinator posture support

Ven   2005

Indications for use:

Reclinator (posture support) ensures the formation of proper posture in children and adolescents, reduces pain in the upper back, caused by scoliosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis or arthritis, prevents deformity of the spine, forms the habit of keeping your back straight, helps to avoid many diseases associated with incorrect posture, such as: disturbance of respiratory function, malfunctioning of the cardiovascular, digestive and other systems, etc.

Normoflex Stiffeners steel



  • Additional detachable metal stiffeners, that can be adapted, improve the effect of using the reclinator and help to align the back and ensure correct posture
  • Wide belts of the reclinator gently distribute pressure on the shoulders
  • Elastic belts can be comfortably fixed around the torso

Dressing scheme

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