For more than 7 years a wide range of corset and bandage products has been produced under the world famous Swiss brand «MedTextile®».

Great experience in the medical industry in Europe and Ukraine has become a strong impetus for creating a professional and high-quality series of medical products for orthopedics, gynecology, rehabilitation, sports and home use.

A carefully tested assortment of medical bandages is the result of the joint work of the leading specialists of the medical industry and designers from production.

«MedTextile`s» brand portfolio includes in-demand bandages as well as bandages with special medical purposes.

The existing models of bandages and corsetry products are constantly being improved in accordance to the recommendations of the leading medical experts, as well as new demanded models are being developed and manufactured.

The latest trends in orthopedics, traumatology, gynecology, surgery, physiotherapy and rehabilitation become the basis for the production of bandages and corset products for medical purposes.

The main advantages
of the bandage products of TM «MedTextile»:

• high standards of Swiss quality,
• international certification,
• high efficiency of the medical use of products,
• wide range of applications,
• the use of natural materials,
• comfort in use,
• a decent appearance and quality of the product,
• high wear resistance,
• easy maintenance of the product,
• reasonable price.

All this makes products of TM «MedTextile» to be competitive at any market.


TM «MedTextile» closely cooperates with Ukrainian civil association "Ukrainian Association of Orthopedic - Traumatologists", taking an active part in the work of specialized scientific conferences with participation of international experts from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia.


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TM «MedTextile» closely cooperates with Ukrainian civil association "Ukrainian Association of Orthopedic - Traumatologists ", taking an active part in the work of specialized scientific conferences with participation of international experts from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia.


- cervical collars,
- posture supports,
- corsets,
- post-surgical support,
- hernia bandages,
- upper and lower extremity supports,
- maternity support,
- elastic bandages.

High-tech equipment of the world-famous Swiss company JACOB MULLER AG and advanced technologies make it possible to guarantee the high quality of the entire product range. A thorough approach to the organization of production processes and strict three-level quality control allow us to compete with the world's leading leaders in this industry.. The enterprise successfully implements the Quality Management System and conforms to international standard protocols ISO 9001:2008, and Certification ISO 13485:2003. The manufacturing process is also certified with the European standards «Conformite Europeene (CE)». The quality of the products is confirmed by the relevant international certificates.

Technological chain

The enterprise has high-quality knitting-weaving, sewing and auxiliary equipment from leading world manufacturers. The technological scheme integrates a full production cycle, which includes all stages from the design and production of raw materials to the release of finished products. All products produced under the trademark "MedTextile" have a high level of quality and meet all modern requirements. The company has implemented the "Quality Management System" ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012 "Quality Management System for Medical Device Manufacturers".

Factory «Technomedika» LLC is a part of the commercial and industrial corporation «Medpack Swiss Group» and the Ukrainian distribution company LLC «Dolphi-Ukraine». Specialization of the factory is the production of medical products to support the organs and limbs of the body, for rehabilitation and treatment in complex therapy, for prevention of injuries in active life, during hard work or sports.

Design department

Designers and technologists in close cooperation with leading specialists of the medical industry develop new types of products, which are in demand on the modern market. Modern automatic design systems are used to design new models, after which, they are prepared for production.

Knitting and weaving department

Production is equipped with innovative knitting and weaving machines made in Switzerland. Company specialists regularly undergo training in the training center of the company «JAKOB MÜLLER» AG. Engineering and technical experts of the enterprise develop and introduce into production the most modern and advanced materials.

Cut department

Further, the materials produced in the knitting and weaving department enter the automatic and manual cutting section. Here, experienced staff makes cut-outs and completing models.

Sewing factory

At the next stage, the cut parts and accessories are passed to the sewing department, where, according to the flow charts, the finished products are created.

Quality control area

According to the requirements to the production process, provided by the quality management system ISO9001: 2008, quality control is carried out in three stages: incoming inspection, a walkthrough control, and final control test. Product manufacturing quality is monitored at every stage of production. Finished products are checked for compliance with the standard sample (starting from the material and ending with the finished sewn model).

Packing department

After checking the products in the quality control area, the products are taken to the packaging department.